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Nitric Oxide Does Many Things:

* Dilates your blood vessels.

* Increases blood flow.

* Lowers your blood pressure.

* Prevents excessive blood clotting.

* Anti-inflammatory & antioxidant.

* Protects your telomere lengths.

* Increases the number and efficiency of your mitochondria.

* Stimulates your metabolism.

* Enhances your sensitivity to insulin.

* Increases your stem cell number and function.

* Stimulates the longevity genes (Sirt. genes).

* Enhances heart and vascular health.

* Increases memory and brain function.

* Combats osteoporosis, arthritis and dementia.

* Improves the health of all your tissues and organs.

* Anti-aging.

* Activates telomerase and elongates telomeres.

* Beneficial for ED.

* Counter the offset of excessive sympathetic excitation.

* Important regulator of cell physiology, cell signaling, and gene expression.

* Lowers triglycerides.

* Supports Growth Hormone production.

We are offering the FREE Nitric Oxide test until the end of February.

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Crude Awakening: Mineral Oil Contaminates Everyone’s Bodies

The scientific literature indicates that there are at least two dozen adverse
health effects
[5] linked to exposure to mineral oil, a crude oil derivative. New research [6] indicates these fat-soluble hydrocarbons are accumulating to disturbing levels in our bodies, and affecting newborns by contaminated breast milk.

How did they get there? Mineral oil is legally allowed to be added to our foods, drugs and cosmetics, where they accumulate in our bodies over time, with the highest concentrations found in our fat deposits. One autopsy study [7] performed
in 1985, revealed that 48% of the livers and 46% of the spleens of the 465 autopsies analyzed showed signs of mineral-oil induced lipogranuloma (a nodule of necrotic,
fatty tissue associated with granulomatous inflammation or a foreign-body reaction around a deposit of an oily substance), indicating just how widespread pathological tissue changes associated with exposure really are.

In the United States, the FDA has approved mineral oil for use in cosmetic products, as well as a food additive up to 10 mg/kg a day. For a 150 lb adult (68.03 kilograms) this is the equivalent of 680 milligrams a day, or 248 grams (over half a pound!) a year.

According to the Code of Federal Regulations Title 21, mineral oil maybe used for the following uses in ingestible products:

1) As release agent, binder and lubricant in or on capsules and tablets containing
concentrates of flavoring, spices, condiments and nutrients intended for addition to food, excluding confectionery.

2) As a float on fermentation fluids in the manufacture of vinegar and wine to prevent
or retard access of air, evaporation and wild yeast contamination during

3) As a defoamer in food.

4) In bakery products.

5) In dehydrated fruits and vegetables, as a protective coating.

6) In frozen meat.

7) Used in the curing of pickles.

8 ) Used in the manufacture of confectionary.

9) As an antidusting agent in sorbic acid for food use.

10) As a dust control agent for wheat, corn, soybean, barley, rice, rye, oats and

11) As a dust control agent for rice.

Considering the fact that our food supply is now saturated through with
“food-grade” petroleum, it is no wonder that a study published [6] in the journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology in 2008, found that “mineral paraffins might be the largest contaminant of our body, widely amounting to 1g per person and reaching 10g in extreme cases.” In the study they took tissue samples from women undergoing Ceasarean section and found “concentrations varied between 15 and 360 mg/kg fat, with an average of 60.7 mg/kg and a median of 52.5 mg/kg.” More disturbingly, milk samples taken from these same women 4 days after delivery showed “the same mixture of mineral paraffins as the tissue fat at concentrations
between 10 and 355 mg/kg (average, 44.6 mg/kg; median, 30 mg/kg).”

Infants, of course, are at much higher risk for adverse effects associated with mineral oil exposures due to their relatively far higher body burden (lower body weight vs. chemical exposure) and less developed blood-brain-barrier and detoxification systems in comparison with adults. Also, children have been found [9] to accumulate higher levels than adults, either due to their higher consumption of de-dusted grains and glazing agents on confectionery products, or their inability to detoxify it as

It should be noted that the health risks associated with mineral oil are not strictly theoretical.

The World Health Organization classifies mineral oils (in untreated or lightly treated
industrial-grade form) as Group 1 carcinogens to humans.1 The OSHA fact sheet on mineral oil also references research from 1991 indicating that it is carcinogenic to humans.2

Additionally, a study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology [10] in
2009 found that commonly used moisturizing creams containing mineral oil are tumorigenic when applied topically to UVB-pretreated high-risk mice. The brands studied were Dermabase, Dermovan, Eucerin, or Vanicream, which millions of Americans apply daily to their skin.

Dr. Martin’s Comments

Another toxin posing serious health issues in adults and children alike. This is a excellent example as to why all of us must be doing something that increases our own bodies detoxification system.  

Toxins CAUSE dis-ease and stress to vital organs and systems. Knowing an efficient and effective way to detox is critical to your health and survival. The biggest myth of detox is a colon cleanse. There is NO way a colon cleanse can detox the brain, glands etc.

Register for our special upcoming webinar to learn how and what really works on a cellular level, to detox, heal and stay healthy.

Towards Optimum Health,

Dr. James H. Martin

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Nutrition Wellness Center Announces

Dear Friends and Voters,

I would like to thank everyone who voted for the 2011 Nattie Awards. We won “Favorite Nutritionist”, “Favorite Weight Loss Program”, “Business of the Year” and “Favorite place to buy nutritional products”.

I applaud my staff and all of you who voted for our cause and value quality natural health care.

For your information …We have new technology and unique products in our Nutrition Wellness Center which I will be addressing on an upcoming webinar. Stay tuned for more details.

Thanks again!                                  Dr. Martin with fanily at the Nattie Awards

Dr. James Martin, Director                           
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This last Tuesday night I was invited to the Sarasota Natural Choice Awards banquet. By the end of the evening I was completely overwhelmed…. I received four separate awards! They were presented by Natural Awakenings magazine. The 2010 Natural Choice Awards I received were:

  • Favorite Nutritionist 2010
  • Favorite Weight Loss Program 2010
  • Man of The Year 2010
  • Favorite Place to Buy Nutritional Supplements 2010

Again, I’d like to thank everyone for voting for me. It means a lot to me knowing the community recognizes & appreciates all the effort and hard work it takes to help people get healthy naturally.

Towards Optimum Health

Dr. James H. Martin

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Natural Choice Awards 2010

“Doctors across the country speak out about
Dr. Martin’s New Book!”

“How Toxic Are You?”

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“Dr. James Martin has written a very important book about environmental toxicity. It clears up the confusion about the unknown toxins that we use and are exposed to in our everyday life. This is a book you must have in your library and must refer to it often. He also acknowledges the utmost importance of detoxification programs in the search for optimum health. This is a timely and exhilarating book.”

Stephen T. Sinatra, MD., F.A.C.C., C.N.S.
Cardiologist, Author & Educator

“This book is a major contribution to the practice of integrative medicine and it defines one of the most important and ignored areas of modern clinical practice where body toxicity is a key determinant of our modern disease profile. It is a must read.” Stephen Holt, MD, Physician, Best Selling Author.

Stephen Holt, MD, PhD, DSc, LLD (Hon.) DNM, ChB, FRCP (C), MRCP (UK), FACP, FACG, FACN, FACAM, KSJ, Distinguished Professor of Medicine (Emerite)

“Dr. Martin has brilliantly presented not only the serious factors which threaten mankind’s very existence today but also has given a comprehensive prescription for not only reversing their ill-effects but restoring one’s health to its peak potential! A wonderful treatise!”

Dr. Sharon McCray, MS, DC, DACBN
Palm Harbor, FL

“An enlightening book which illuminates the underlying causes of disease and the negative impact our environment can have on our bodies. Dr. Martin gives us the insight and guidance we need to become healthy in a toxic world. A must read for anyone interested in taking responsibility for their own health.”

Jessica Cudar, DOM, AP
Acupuncture Physician

“Dr, James Martin’s book should be read and digested by everyone interested in preserving their health. This valuable book explains in detail and in understandable language the important link between environmental toxins that are polluting our lives and our health. More importantly, he provides a number of ways to reduce your toxin levels, strengthen your detoxification ability and stimulate repair. This is a very valuable book.”

Russell L. Blaylock, MD, CCN Author Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills
Visiting Professor of Biology Belhaven College

“Dr. Martin has organized one of the best resources for understanding and dealing with environmental toxicity. His book is a must read for patients and healthcare practitioners.

Datis Kharrazian, DC, DHSc, MS, MNeuroSci, FACN, FAACP, DACBN, DABCN, DIBAK, CNS Author of “Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms”

“In 1962 Rachel Carson published the book Silent Spring which alerted Americans to toxins around us and helped launch the environmental movement. Dr. James Martin’s book How Toxic Are You? serves to awaken Americans to the dangers of toxins within us and may very well help to launch an inner environmental health movement. Dr. Martin presents complex scientific ideas in a manner that is easy for the lay reader to understand and which empowers the reader to reestablish health.”

Dr. Harvey Kaltsas, Acupuncture Physician President Emeritus, American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine formerly Chair of the Florida Board of Acupuncture

“Dr. James Martin presents very valuable knowledge about our environment and about our health in a very concise and readable manner. What makes his book unique is that he not only makes you aware of the health risks we exposed to but also how to combat these risks. I highly recommend How Toxic Are You to both healthcare professionals and patients alike.”

Tsu-tsair 0. Chi, NMD, Ph.D.

“Dr. Martin’s work offers real solutions for the prevention and treatment of chronic unexplained illnesses. A must read for patients – and their doctors!”

Joanne S. Noel, DC, NMD

Chapel Hill, NC

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P.S. This will be your special bonus report “What Makes Us Alkaline & What Makes Us Acidic” This e-book is an excellent 20 page color reference guide denoting the most common foods on an acidic or an alkaline bases.

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“The Facts You should know whether you are male or female about Testosterone and Your Health”

And what you can do about it

There has been much controversy about testosterone and its benefits and its potential risk. Most information is has been misleading and confusing to say the least. So I will give some what I know to be accurate and useful. First of all testosterone is essential in both men and women. It contributes to the thickness of bones and their calcium content. Testosterone increases retention of both calcium and sodium. It prevents osteoporosis in both men and women. What’s important is the misinformation about increasing calcium consumption as the only answer to osteoporosis. Low testosterone contributes to low body metabolism as well as lower body temperature. So the next time you think you have a weak thyroid because of low metabolism or low body temperature, think again it just might be low testosterone. Low testosterone is also associated with accelerated aging. Testosterone is renotrophic, i.e., it increases the size and weight of the kidneys. Testosterone insufficiency and kidney insufficiency often go hand in hand. It is necessary to promote the movement of amino acids into the cells. Excess dietary protein depresses testosterone and increase the effect of cortisol. Cortisol has been associated with increase belly fat.
Testosterone is stimulated by the anterior pituitary luteinizing hormone (LH). Although associated with male sexual development and metabolism, this Hormone is just as essential for females, though in smaller quantities.
In females the hormone is produced mainly in the adrenals. It is a activator of general cell metabolism. A testosterone insufficiency may thus result in sluggish poor elimination of wastes. Dietary vegetable oils depress testosterone levels. The other misunderstanding about testosterone is it has been associated with causing enlarged prostate and also been associated with prostate cancer.
Where the misunderstanding comes in is the lack of explaining that it’s the conversion of testosterone to Estrogen or DHT (bad form of testosterone) that’s the problem. To much aromatase converts testosterone to estrogen and this is what’s harmful and associated with enlarged prostates and prostate cancer.
There are specific herbal formals that are beneficial in decreasing aromatase and preventing the conversion to estrogen.
Symptoms of Testosterone insufficiency are the following:

1. Fatigue

2. Decreased body temperature

3. Decreased blood pressure

4. Frequent urination

5. Anemia

6. Decreased libido

7. Poor retention of calcium, sodium, chloride, potassium and phosphorous

8. Cold, and sweaty hands

9. Weight gain

Correction of testosterone insufficiency is made by giving attention to one or more of the following nutritional imbalances: electrolyte insufficiency, anaerobic imbalance, glucogenic/ketogenic imbalance or parasympathetic imbalance.

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The things we don’t know…

Car A/C (Air Conditioning) MUST READ!

Please do not turn on A/C immediately as soon as you enter the car. Open the windows after you enter your car and turn ON the air-conditioning after a couple of minutes. 

 Here’s why:


According to a research, the car dashboard, sofa, air freshener emit Benzene, a Cancer causing toxin (carcinogen – take time to observe the smell of heated plastic in your car).
In addition to causing cancer, Benzene poisons your bones, causes anemia and reduces white blood cells. Prolonged exposure will cause Leukemia, increasing the risk of cancer, may also cause miscarriage.


Acceptable Benzene level indoors is 50 mg per sq. ft.



A car parked indoors with windows closed will contain 400-800 mg of Benzene.If parked outdoors under the sun at a temperature above 60 degrees F, the Benzene level goes up to 2000-4000 mg, 40 times the acceptable level.
People who get into the car, keeping windows closed will inevitably inhale, in quick succession excessive amounts of the toxin.
Benzene is a toxin that affects your kidney and liver. What’s worse, it is extremely difficult for your body to expel this toxic stuff.


So friends, please open the windows and door of your car – give time for interior to air out – dispel the deadly stuff – before you enter.



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– Chinese Proverb

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One In Five Rooms Is ‘Highly Contaminated’ With Hidden Mold

ScienceDaily (May 1, 2008) – Surely your bathroom is fungus-free once you’ve wiped the mould off the tiles? Not according to a study by French scientists in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Journal of Environmental Monitoring. They report that almost one in five rooms studied with no visible mould was in fact “highly contaminated” by fungus which could aggravate conditions such as asthma.

The study also found that bedrooms and living rooms were no less contaminated than bathrooms and kitchens – “hidden” fungus was not only airborne but found in carpets and soft furnishings, and behind wallpaper, and was often colorless and odorless.

When assessing a building’s level of contamination, many authorities rely on trained investigators to see or smell the fungus – Sandrine Roussel, lead author of the article, and collaborators say this is not enough. By completing questionnaires and sampling the air in hundreds of homes in France, they found that what you see is not always what you get.

“Nowadays, no one would agree to live in housing which presents any risks towards lead or carbon monoxide. Tomorrow, moulds and other chemical substances will probably follow,” says Roussel.

Mould in the home is not just unsightly and indicative of poor hygiene standards; it is known to aggravate a range of medical conditions, such as asthma, rhinitis and hypersensitivity pneumonitis. This study set out to establish if more could be done to identify fungus as exacerbating these complaints.

Surprisingly, the study found that factors commonly held to increase mould contamination had relatively little effect. The age of the building, presence of pets and even outdoor and indoor temperature had little bearing on fungus concentration.

As for airborne fungi, it made little or no difference if the room was regularly used to dry clothes, or contained indoor plants – factors that public health inspectors had previously highlighted as key issues.

The researchers found that significant factors in levels of contamination were structure, such as lack of ventilation or a ground floor apartment, or accidental damage, such as water damage.

Journal reference: Roussel et al., J. Environ. Monit., 2008, DOI: 10.1039/b718909e


Yes, Mold Spores Live Where YOU Live!

Eliminating ALL sources of mold and mildew in your home, vehicle and workplace is nearly impossible. With warmer and more humid weather upon us, many of you will suffer flare-ups in problems caused by (or made worse by) mold.

(Keep reading)

Even though we cannot control every square inch of the space where we live, work, and ride and relax, we CAN control how our body reacts to mold, and the dangerous chemicals that mold makes.How can you protect your body from suffering mold and fungus-related symptoms and problems?


The 1st step is to realize that hidden mold, mildew and fungus can be hurting you, even when you don’t see or smell mold.


In fact, once a room has developed a ‘musty smell’ the mold count has already reached extremely high levels. Sources of ongoing mold growth are numerous….. dirty air conditioning filters, water damage, improper ventilation, and wallpaper are a few the common culprits. The places mold grows are everywhere!

Fight back….Using a method that works WITH your body


At Nutrition Wellness Center, we use Targeted Nutritional Analysis to detect the frequencies of molds, mildew and fungi that make their home inside your body. When the presence of these dangerous ‘parasitic plants’ is detected, we create an action plan to help you stop the internal overgrowth of these poisons.

(800)222-3610 – or – (941)371-1991

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Berries Prevent Wrinkles

(Ivanhoe Newswire) – The newest potion in a woman’s skin care regimen may be found in berries. A new study shows the antioxidant ellagic acid – prevalent in raspberries, strawberries, cranberries and pomegranates – protects the skin from UV damage.

Twelve mice were exposed to increasing ultraviolet radiation three times weekly for eight weeks. Half were given daily 10 microM topical applications of ellagic acid on their skin surface.

The study, conducted at Hallym University in the Republic of Korea, shows mice exposed to the radiation without the antioxidant developed wrinkles and thickening of the skin. The mice that received ellagic acid showed reduced wrinkle formation and inflammatory response due to protection from the degradation of collagen.
Ellagic acid is found in berries as well as other fruits, vegetables and nuts. It protects against UV damage by blocking the production of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), enzymes that break down the collagen of damaged skin cells.
SOURCE: Presented at the Experimental Biology meeting in New Orleans, April 21, 2009.

Broccoli Sprouts Ward Off Stomach Cancer
(Ivanhoe Newswire) – People who carry the H. Pylori bacteria in their gut are at higher risk for stomach cancer.

Now a new study suggests an easy way to reduce that risk: eat broccoli sprouts. In a study conducted among 48 men and women from Japan, John Hopkins investigators found those who ate 70 grams of broccoli sprouts per day or a similar amount of alfalfa sprouts. The subjects were retested for H. pylori at four and eight weeks. By the final follow up, the broccoli sprout had done the trick. People who ate the alfalfa sprouts showed no change in the degree of infection.

“Broccoli has recently entered the public awareness as a preventive dietary agent. This study supports the emerging evidence that broccoli sprouts may be able to prevent cancer in humans, not just in lab animals,” study author Jed Fahey, Sc.D., was quoted as saying.

Stomach cancer is currently the second most common cancer worldwide, and the second deadliest form of the disease, so finding ways to prevent the condition could have a major impact on public health.

SOURCE: Cancer Prevention Research, published online April 6, 2009
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