Secrets the Drug Companies DON’T Want

You to Know

Allergy: an excessive or hypersensitive response of the immune system.

-Encyclopedia of Science

Since so many of you have asked these same or similar questions about allergies, here’s a few insights that have helped guide others to finally end their misery and suffering.

Q1. Are allergies really that big of a problem?

A. 1 in 4 people suffer from allergies, according to The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. Affecting more than 50 million Americans, 4.5 billion dollars is spent yearly on allergy treatment. An estimated 3.4 billion in lost work productivity…. And chronic sinusitis affects 37 million Americans. Isn’t it time to take this seriously?

Q2. Other than a runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, and sinus congestion, how else do allergies affect people?

A. Your body’s response to an ‘invader’ can cause an immune response that may also show up as:



Joint or muscle pain

Heart palpitations

Dark circles under eyes

Skin rash


Stomach / abdominal pain






Mood swings

Q3. Isn’t pollen the main reason for allergies?

A. Although pollen allergies cause suffering for 3.5 million Americans, another 12 million people have food allergies, 10 million suffer with cat allergies, and 2 million people suffer severe reactions to insect bites and stings. Many people also suffer from allergies to molds and household toxins, and toxins in the workplace and in their vehicles.

Q4. I take over-the-counter drugs like Benadryl when I get allergies symptoms. Isn’t that all right?

A. If a life-threatening allergic reaction has occurred, immediate medical attention is necessary. But using drugs like Benadryl for symptom relief for chronic allergies is only ‘band-aiding’ the problem. These drugs are not without side effects, drowsiness being a major complaint. A new study has recently found antihistamines to cause weight gain; because of the way they interfere with an appetite-control enzyme.

Q5. I don’t see any visible mold in my house; but I’ve heard my allergy symptoms could be caused by mold or yeast?

The Hidden Causes That Keep You Suffering

Hidden mold growth hurts many people. It grows on drywall, in books, on papers, in carpet, behind wallpaper, in closets, in air ducts, any damp areas and in many foods. The major source for mold in food is found in nuts, (especially peanuts, peanut butter) seeds, and grains. This includes cereal, bread, crackers, pasta, and corn products. Grain-fed animals can also be sources of moldy food.

Your Allergies May Get Worse Without This


Q6. Will a home air-purifier fix my allergies?

A. The problem of allergies is actually one of improper immune response, and often weak adrenal glands, with a state of chronic inflammation, too. While we do help guide you to clean up your home of chemical and airborne irritants, getting your body back on track is crucial for a long-term solution to ending your allergies.

Q7. Is it true the higher the humidity, the worse the mold will be and the more allergy symptoms I’ll have?

A. It has been reported that most mold growth will not occur in humidity levels under 65%. Indoor humidity levels are measured with a hygrometer. For air conditioning filters, choose one with a rating of “MERV 11,” for maximum mold spore filtration. Sometimes a dehumidifier is also necessary to control indoor mold. By handling your body’s response to mold exposure, through our nutritional program, can make you much less vulnerable to mold.

Q8. Can hidden food allergies affect my moods?

A. Absolutely. Hidden food allergies or sensitivities can trigger mood swings, fatigue, depression, anxiety and disorientation. A starting point to eliminate some possible food sensitivities is to request your free copy of the Blood Type Food Guide, from Nutrition Wellness Center.

Q9. What else (besides taking drugs) can I do for my allergies?

A. We highly recommend you have a Targeted Nutritional Analysis from NUTRITION WELLNESS CENTER. Here’s how: Using a sample of your saliva and urine, (and your health history and profile) we access the ‘stress level’ of your adrenal glands. From this you learn what roadblocks you may have to overcoming allergies. Once we determine the causes, then we work with you to eliminate them. We provide you with precise selected nutritional products to clean and strengthen your adrenal glands; we address your inflammation, so your suffering begins to stop. An interesting benefit to women is that menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes are often minimized, too, as the adrenals strengthen.

We offer many more ways to speed up the process of stopping allergies and feeling better faster here at NUTRITION WELLNESS CENTER…..but in this HEALTH ALERT I wanted to share with you this one huge reality…

You CAN be free from allergies; you do not have to suffer the lifelong misery and embarrassment that you’ve been through for too long.


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by Dr. James H. Martin


When we will stop and say enough is enough?

Notice the thousands of processed foods on the shelves of your grocery stores. Often the number of chemical ingredients exceeds the number of ingredients you’ll recognize as actual food substances.

What ARE these fake flavors and colors, anyway?


Are these fake foods with chemical flavorings helping create sickness? We think so. How much do they add to the body’s toxic burden? More and more people suffer from ‘brain fog’, anxiety, headaches, degenerative disease, diabetes, allergies, digestive problems, immune dysfunction and more. Isn’t it time we take a cold hard look at the body pollution we’re making happen?

When you read the article below, you’ll notice one of the chemicals in artificial strawberry flavor is ‘amyl acetate.’ This particular chemical is a solvent for lacquers and paints, with a ‘strong banana-like odor’.

Another commonly used toxic chemical is “E129,” also known as “Allura Red.” Allura Red is a red synthetic azo dye that’s “not recommended for consumption by children,” by the United Kingdom Official Food Guide. It’s also been connected with cancer in mice.

Shouldn’t this be illegal in the USA?

Some countries take good health far more seriously than we do in the United States…..for instance, Allura Red Dye was banned in Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria and Norway. Why is it still legal in the United States? We believe it’s because corporate profit is put ahead of protecting your health. And guess what? Until we take a collective stand, by refusing to purchase toxic products, they’ll continue to be sold. The food chemists will invent more and more (perhaps even more dangerous) chemicals with which to ‘flavor’ and ‘color’ our food and beverages. It’s a matter of supply and demand; simple economics. When we stop buying fake foods; production will diminish.


What can we DO about all the ‘fake foods’?

We hope you’ll “Just Say No” to dangerous food chemicals at all possible opportunities. Read product labels. Shop smart. Learn and research ingredients. Care about what you put into your body. Together we CAN make a difference….a difference that may help keep you healthy for many years to come!


The 59 ingredients in a fast-food strawberry milkshake

During the past two decades the flavor industry’s role in food production has become so influential that many children now like man-made flavors more than the real thing. As marketing to children has become more and more important to processed food companies and fast food chains, flavourists have increased their efforts to discover what children like. The flavor companies constantly run “taste tests” for kids – focus groups in which new products are piloted.

Fresh fruit and vegetables often have complicated, unpredictable flavors that combine bitterness with sweetness. When flavourists create additives for adult foods, they try to imitate nature as closely as possible. When flavourists create additives for kids’ foods, they usually get rid of the bitterness and increase the sweetness. Children’s flavors are often twice as sweet as those made for adults.

“Children’s expectation of a strawberry is completely different,” says one flavourist. “They want something that is strong and that has something like bubblegum notes.”

The phrase “artificial strawberry flavor” offers little hint of the scientific wizardry that can make a highly processed food taste like a strawberry. For example, if you wanted to make a strawberry milkshake at home, here’s all you’d need: ice, cream, strawberries, sugar and a touch of vanilla.

Now take a look at the ingredients you might find in a fast-food strawberry milkshake: milkfat and nonfat milk, sugar, sweet whey, high-fructose corn syrup, guar gum, monoglycerides and diglycerides, cellulose gum, sodium phosphate, carrageenan, citric acid, E129 and artificial strawberry flavor.

And what does that “artificial strawberry flavor” contain?

Just these few yummy chemicals: amyl acetate, amyl butyrate, amyl valerate, anethol, anisyl formate, benzyl acetate, benzyl isobutyrate, butyric acid, cinnamyl isobutyrate, cinnamyl valerate, cognac essential oil, diacetyl, dipropyl ketone, ethyl butyrate, ethyl cinnamate, ethyl heptanoate, ethyl heptylate, ethyl lactate, ethyl methylphenylglycidate, ethyl nitrate, ethyl propionate, ethyl valerate, heliotropin, hydroxyphrenyl- 2-butanone (10% solution in alcohol), ionone, isobutyl anthranilate, isobutyl butyrate, lemon essential oil, maltol, 4-methylacetophenone, methyl anthranilate, methyl benzoate, methyl cinnamate, methyl heptine carbonate, methyl naphthyl ketone, methyl salicylate, mint essential oil, neroli essential oil, nerolin, neryl isobutyrate, orris butter, phenethyl alcohol, rose, rum ether, undecalactone, vanillin and solvent.

Source: The Guardian 4-24-06

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An Old Friend with a “Bright” Idea

The Myths We Believed

You may have heard me speak of a colleague of mine, the late Dr. John Nash Ott, a published author and pioneer in his field. Dr. Ott was a strong believer in the importance of the full spectrum of the sunlight for optimal health. His lifelong research into how daylight and artificial light affects living organisms fascinated people worldwide. His work prompted other scientists to continue this work

now we read more and more about the importance of sunlight to activate our body’s production of Vitamin D. (for further information read Health and Light, by Dr. John Ott)I’m honored to have known Dr. Ott; I was both his friend and his physician. I’m proud of the research we did together that was recognized and published in an international scientific journal.


Toxic Goop at the Grocery Store?

The reason I happened to think of my old friend Dr. Ott, is because of some alarming new research I just read

…….I’ll tell you about it in a moment. Sitting here at my desk, I’m thinking about a trip I made to the grocery store yesterday. As I’m walking through the aisles of personal care products, I see rows and rows of brightly packaged boxes of chemical lotions, potions, and over-the-counter drugs for tons of ailments. These labels collectively claim you’ll live better if you’lljust use these chemicals to cover-up your symptoms. And now with warmer weather coming, the store aisles in southern climates display various brands and ‘strengths’ of sunscreens

..and of course, a sunburn is not a good thing;but we have to question the wisdom in slathering on toxic liquid chemicals to (supposedly) protect us from the sun’s ‘damaging rays’. If Dr. John Ott were alive today to see the gallons of ‘chemical goop’ being applied to the bare skin of babies, children and adults.

.he’d be shocked! And he’d try to convince younot to be fooled by the propaganda telling you to block the sun’s healing light with dangerous chemicals.

The Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know

The latest research about the popular sunscreens by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) clarifies the facts:

“In a 2008 investigation of nearly 1000 name-brand sunscreens, the EWG found that many are not safe and not effective. More precisely, four out of every five contain chemicals that may pose health hazards or don’t adequately protect people from UVA radiation.

The EWG’s investigation determined that some of the worst offenders to be leading brands such as COPPERTONE, BANANA BOAT, and NEUTROGENA.

These three (along with nearly 600 others) contain an ingredient called OXYBENZONE, a penetration enhancer, or chemical that helps other chemicals penetrate the skin. OXYBENZONE has been linked to allergies, hormone disruption, and cell damage by the (CDC) U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

Hey! Wait a second

……Isn’t “cell damage” what you’re trying to prevent when using a sunscreen? And now the scientific community AND the government’s leading medical authority warn us of the dangers of sunscreens?!? Are you angry yet? You should be! And there’s more…

……Isn’t “cell damage” what you’re trying to prevent when using a sunscreen? And now the scientific community AND the government’s leading medical authority warn us of the dangers of sunscreens?!? Are you angry yet? You should be! And there’s more

. research done by Dr. Frank Garland, PhD, of the University of California, San Diego states:

“While sunscreens do protect against sunburn, there is NO SCIENTIFIC PROOF that they protect against melanoma or basal cell carcinoma (skin cancer) in humans.”

Source: Super Natural Home, by Beth Greer

When Choosing a Sunscreen

Avoid These Chemicals:

Oxybenzone and dixoybenzone (or 4 MBC)


Cinnamates (octyl methoxycinnamate and cinoxate)

Digalloyl trioleate

Menthyl anthranilate


Avobenzone (butyl-methoxydibenzoylmethane, parsol 1789):

Some safer sunscreens

Aveeno Baby


Burt’s Bees Chemical Free Sunscreen

California Baby

Kabana Green Screen


Soleo Organics

Sun Science Sport Formula

We knew you’d want to know about skin poisons, and that you do not want to be fooled by misleading advertising and attractive packaging.

Please share this information with others who may already be using dangerous sunscreens—they’ll appreciate this new information.

Now consider the years you may have used chemical ‘goop’ on your skin

(Like most of unknowingly did) Where did those chemical ingredients go? Some of the ‘toxic goop” washed offbut much of it went into your cells, settling in your liver, kidneys, brain and throughout your body.leaving a path of pollution inside you. I realize it’s hard to think of Johnson’s Baby Oil or Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion as ‘toxic goop,’ but guess what? They both contain by-products of petroleum refining

..which means it’s like putting scented gasoline on your skin! What a smooth move by petroleum companies to profit from their toxic waste materials..leading us to believe these products will ‘protect’ us from us from dry skin and diaper rash!

‘Goop Removal’ Goes High Tech

You don’t have to sit there feeling guilty for all the years you used these popular brands of ‘chemical soup’ on yourself and your family. The smarter action now is to get these chemicals out of your body. How will you do that?

Talk to us about your health—we listen, because we care. We have the answers you need to start feeling better faster. Take back control of your health, make feeling good again your priority now. Call us to find out how you can get ahead of your health challenges and get past nagging symptoms.

For more information visit:

It’s this lifelong build-up of ‘toxic goop’ that sets the stage for disease.

Presented by: Dr. James H. Martin Nutrition Wellness Center Sarasota Florida

Pomegranate Juice Benefits Prostate Cancer Survivors

(Ivanhoe Newswire) — Pomegranate juice, a drink that’s been touted as a super-food capable of doing everything from preventing heart disease to lowering cholesterol, may also offer a huge benefit to a new group of patients — prostate cancer survivors.

The juice may slow the progression of post-treatment prostate cancer recurrence, according to a new long-term study.

Nearly 50 men who had undergone treatment for localized prostate cancer were followed for six years. The participants had a rising PSA after surgery or radiotherapy, a PSA greater than 0.2 ng/ml and less than five ng/ml and a Gleason score of seven or less. They were advised to drink eight ounces of pomegranate juice a day.

The men who remained in the study experienced a significant increase in PSA doubling time following treatment, from a mean of 15.4 months to 60 months, researchers said.

“This study suggests that pomegranate juice may effectively slow the progression of prostate cancer after unsuccessful treatment,” Christopher Amling, M.D., a spokesman for the American Urological Association was quoted as saying.

He said this and future studies may prove that pomegranate juice prevents prostate cancer, too, but additional research is still needed to determine why some patients seem to respond better to the juice than others.

SOURCE: Study presented at the 104th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Urological Association

From Dr. Martin’s Desk:

Nutritional support after surgery or radiation therapy is a prime part of the re-building process. In addition to pomegranate juice, there are specific nutritional supplements that can help repair cell damage and boost the body’s immune response. Since cancer cannot grow in healthy tissue, creating the healthiest possible body is crucial to avoiding a grim diagnosis at a future date.

We applaud the American Urological Association for looking to substances other than drugs and surgery to help fight cancer. When more medical researchers put the emphasis on preventing cancer, we believe huge strides ahead will be made in the ‘war on cancer.’

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Four Steps to Optimal Nutrition

by James H. Martin, ND, DACBN, FAAIM

I know you’ve heard it said a million times, that old adage, “you are what you eat.” And sadly, for the average American, what we’ve become is nutrient deficient, chemical laden, and fat. As a result – no surprises here – obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and a whole slew of other health challenges are rising at an alarming rate. So how do we get on the path to optimal health? By making a commitment to healthy eating, proper nutrition, and toxin reduction.

A healthy diet contains fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds, along with a reasonable source of protein. In addition, the diet should be low in fat and refined sugars to support a strong immune system.

The first step in designing a healthy lifestyle and diet requires the elimination of prepackaged, over-processed convenience foods. These foods have been stripped of their nutrition – as much as 85 percent of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are removed from ready-to-eat meals and snacks. What’s more, they are packed full of chemical preservatives, flavor enhancers, and artificial dyes.

Instead, choose organic fresh foods, whole foods, live foods. The closer food is to its original, unadulterated state, the higher the nutritional content. New research is now showing what many of us have known for years – organic products, ounce for ounce, deliver more and better nutrition than their “conventional” counterparts.

As important as what you’re getting from organic foods is what you are not getting – chemical pesticides and fertilizers, artificial dyes and preservatives, animal growth hormones, and antibiotics. Testing reveals that conventional fruits and vegetables routinely carry residues from three to five different chemical pesticides and fertilizers. While chemical manufacturers and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) try to assure the masses that each chemical is present in ‘safe” levels, no effort has been made to evaluate the effects of consuming the chemical cocktails that end up on and in our food by the time it reaches the marketplace.

Step two: Augment your healthy eating with supplements. Let’s face it; despite our best efforts, we may not get all the nutrients our bodies need through diet alone. Most Americans struggle to eat all the daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. Supplements not only add what nutritionally may be missing from our diets; they also can aid in digestion and absorption of the nutrients we consume.

Many magazines and websites are filled with one-pill-fits-all supplement solutions, but for optimal results, a customized regimen is best. A qualified professional trained to take many important factors into account, including normal diet, stress factors, age, weight, activity and anxiety levels, exposure to toxins, and overall health will best determine your nutritional supplement needs. Since all of these factors can change, it is important to routinely reevaluate your needs and make any necessary adjustments.

Step three: Minimize your body’s toxic burden. In our post-industrialized world, society as a whole seems to have embraced the “better living through chemistry” mentality. At home, work, and play, we are surrounded by a host of chemicals that we use with reckless abandon. Americans spend over $1 billion each year on chemical cleaners. Billions more are spent on indoor and outdoor pesticides. Now add in chemical air fresheners, perfumes, makeup, and other personal hygiene products, and you begin to see just how pervasive this problem has become. The chemicals in these products are not only polluting our bodies; they are polluting our environment. Fortunately, the selection of non-chemical or green alternatives is growing, and many are now available through mainstream retailers.

Yet, despite our best efforts to keep steer clear of toxins, exposures are a sad, unavoidable fact of modern life. Heavy metals, industrial chemicals – even banned substances like DDT – are ever-present in our air, water, soil, and food supplies. These toxins can accumulate in our bodies and impact our mental and physical health and well-being. Relieving the body of any toxic burden allows our cells, tissues, and organs to heal and return to a natural state of optimal health.

For a fourth and final step, I encourage everyone to “think global and buy local.” Local foods, especially fruits and vegetables, not only taste better; they have higher quality nutrients. Local and organic foods do more than help provide a healthier diet; they also contribute to a healthier environment. Organic farming reduces toxic runoff from pollutants that could contaminate our water, soil, and air. Buying local products reduces the amount of fossil fuels used in transport. This translates into reduced resource consumption and reduced air pollution. Also with less travel, products have a lower risk of contamination, spoilage, and other forms of waste.

The local farmer’s market provides a great alternative to conventional grocery stores. A number of participating local farms are certified organic. There also are many local foods that are raised “naturally.” This can mean that the farmer is using organic methods but has not yet been certified and therefore cannot, under US. Department of Agriculture (USDA) guidelines use the term “organic” to describe their products. At a farmer’s market, you can ask about farming methods and make informed choices that support your health and the health of our planet.

Dr. James H. Martin, director of the Nutrition Wellness Center here in Sarasota, is a Diplomat of Clinical Nutrition and Naturopath with over 32 years of professional experience. Dr. Martin is the current and founding director of the Natural Health Association, a national membership dedicated to increasing awareness of environmental toxins and promoting optimal health through natural healing and the adoption of environmentally sound lifestyle choices. For more information, call 941-371-1991.

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Is the Legal Poisoning of Your Water Slowing You Down?

EPA Allows Thyroid Toxin in Water & Infant Formula

Rocket Fuel?!?

Yes, also known as ammonium perchlorate, this is the key ingredient in military explosives, bottle rockets, fireworks, highway flares and automobile airbags. It’s the chemical that enables the space shuttle to penetrate the earth’s atmosphere and the propellant for ballistic missiles that can be launched across the globe. It’s been disposed of improperly and this negligence has created a widespread health threat.

It’s in Our Water?

Found in drinking water in 28 states, the CDC reports it’s also found in 15 brands of infant formula, cow’s milk and breast milk.

Even More Frightening…

“CDC studies have found perchlorate in the urine of every person tested and have discovered that children between 6 and 11 had perchlorate levels 1.6 times higher than adults.” A 2006 CDC survey of 1,100 women indicated that perchlorate exposure may have caused decreases in critical thyroid hormone levels.

“Should rocket fuel be on baby’s menu? We don’t think so.”

Their report continues with “A new report by scientists at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found perchlorate in 15 brands of infant formula. The CDC team warned that mixing perchlorate with tap water containing “even minimal amounts” of the chemical could boost the resulting mixture’s toxin content above the “safe” level set by the EPA. Perchlorate pollution has also been found in the drinking water in 28 states and territories.

“Contaminant Candidate List”

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has included perchlorate on the “Contaminate Candidate List,” and considers it to be a probable human carcinogen.


Contact EPA Head to Take Action

During her Senate confirmation hearing, EPA head Lisa Jackson promised to act “immediately” to reduce perchlorate contamination in drinking water to protect children and pregnant women. We urge you to contact Ms. Jackson to urge her to make good on her pledge. She can be reached at:

Lisa Jackson, EPA Administrator

By email:

By phone: 202-564-4700

By mail: USEPA Headquarters

Ariel Rios Bldg.

1200 Pennsylvania Ave, NW

Mail code: 1101-A

Washington, DC 20460


How would you know if Perchlorate (rocket fuel) is Hurting Your Health?

Many people, who feel tired, fatigued, or gain weight easily have gone to their MD’s and had blood work, that’s supposed to measure thyroid gland function. Often times, the blood test results will be “within normal limits,” yet a thyroid problem can still be present. The patient is told “there’s nothing clinically wrong,” even though their symptoms say something’s not working right.

If a sluggish thyroid problem goes undetected, it can also cause hair loss, brittle nails, brain fog, heart problems, even a higher rate of dental cavities. It’s important to know if your thyroid and hidden toxins are slowing you down.

You may already have all the energy you need and perhaps excess weight is never a problem for you.

But now you can find out for certain if nutritional imbalances or toxic stresses are getting in your way. Environmental chemicals in our water, air, food and homes can be quite sneaky in how they cause symptoms and damage to our bodies. Toxins may show up as allergies, skin problems, memory problems, insomnia, indigestion, vision changes, and headaches and in many other ways.

Feel Confident Knowing You’re Taking Good Care of Yourself

You’ll feel reassured knowing you’re taking the right supplements for you to fight back against toxins, with your individualized supplement profile-included free—with your Targeted Nutritional Analysis.

No More Guessing about Which Vitamins to Take

Stop guessing about your nutritional needs, and about your symptoms-take advantage of our April 2009 opportunity to

“Spring Back into Health”

For our online HEALTH ALERT readers only, the fee of $285 for your initial comprehensive TARGETED NUTRITIONAL ANANYSIS is now $227, you’ll savings of $58.00! This super savings will only be available during April 2009 -so call now to save.

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800-222-3610 -or- 941-371-1991

Take the smart step now to

“Spring Back into Health”

May shining health be yours,

Dr. Martin

P.S. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the caring personalized attention you’ll receive at Nutrition Wellness Center……WE PROMISE!

 Presented by: Dr. James H. Martin Nutrition Wellness Center Sarasota Florida

12 Shocking Statistics about Toxins

You’ll Want to Know

*17=the number of “highly poisonous” insecticides, fungicides, & herbicides used in conventional grape production

*215,000,000 =the number of pounds of chemicals sprayed on grapes in California alone, in 1998

*100 =the average number of pharmaceutical medicines (including narcotics & birth control pills) in public drinking water, in “significant concentrations,” according to the U.S. Geological Survey & the Associated Press

*287 =the number of industrial chemicals found in newborn babies, determined by the Environmental Working Group, 2005

*53,000,000 = the number of pounds of pesticides applied every year to cotton fields in the USA

*35% =the percentage of children’s products sold containing toxic lead (as tested by

*690-695 = the first 3 digits of the product barcode on packaged goods indicating the product was made in China

*51 =the number of known water contaminants the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not regulate

*113% =the increase in the number of adults hospitalized for asthma between 2000-2005, according to the U.S. Department of Health

*7-8 =the number of years formaldehyde is emitted from furniture & cabinets built using glue containing formaldehyde*

*(new preliminary research shows that exposure to formaldehyde could greatly increase your chances of developing Lou Gehrig’s disease, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)

*400 =the number of cosmetic products sold in the USA that are unsafe & banned for use in cosmetics in many other countries

*30% =the increase in anti-oxidant intake when you choose organic food

Source: Super Natural Home, by Beth Greer


“Knowing is not enough! You must take action.”

-Anthony Robbins


What do these numbers mean to someone who’d like to stay well?

You’ve just seen the numbers; you’ve read the disturbing facts….and that’s just a tiny glimpse at the shocking reports we’ve read. Yes, thousands of deadly toxins now saturate our water, food, air, cosmetics, furniture, homes…….and even our babies! It’s impossible for our bodies to eliminate all these poisons that accumulate and cause illness, without help.

But NOW you have the choice—

You can either ignore this daily build-up of chemicals, metals, insecticides, & drugs, taking your chances of a sudden or gradual health crisis destroying your health……


You can discover which precise toxins may be secretly hurting you, setting the stage for illness– with a test called:

TARGETED NUTRITIONAL ANALYSIS, available exclusively from Nutrition Wellness Center, that gives you the information you need to feel your best and fight back against the constant onslaught from our toxic world.

(Keep reading for more information about this exciting tool for better insights into health)


Here are the questions people ask us most often:

Question:“How do I get tested?”

Answer:It’s easy…..either through the mail or in person in our Sarasota center, you provide a sample of saliva and urine. On our questionnaire you give us your health history, current complaints, and the names of the supplements and/or medicines you currently take. We perform your TARGETED NUTRITIONAL ANALYSIS & report the comprehensive findings to you. You can choose to have your Report of Findings either in person or in a scheduled telephone appointment. We provide you with a detailed information packet, containing your actual test results, our recommendations, and lots of helpful information about health you’ll want to start using right away. We are happy to mail a test kit to you upon payment of your TARGETED NUTRITIONAL ANALYSIS.

Question:“But I’ve already had blood work from my medical doctor…wouldn’t these toxins have shown up in my blood?And I try to eat healthy— wouldn’t I feel sick if I had chemicals inside me?”

Answer:Sadly, many medical professionals are just now acknowledging the strong link between toxins and illness. Since most medical doctors know very little about the health effects of toxins, and less about how to get rid of them, they focus instead on easier measurements such as blood pressure, cholesterol levels and body weight. If your doctor were to test you for the environmental chemicals and the specific toxins we check for—you’d pay thousands of dollars and most people wouldn’t want to do that.

Chemical build-up is often hidden inside our brains & cells for many years before we feel sick from them…but by getting rid of this toxic junk before you have obvious health problems, you may be avoiding numerous illnesses and a faster aging process.

Even in strict vegetarians who eat all organic food, we find dozens of poisons. We even find the frequency of DDT in young children…if you live on this planet, you’ll experience some degree of invasion from our toxic world.

Question:“Okay, Dr. Martin, let’s say my TARGETED NUTRITIONAL ANALYSIS (TNA) reveals that I have 25 specific chemical toxins and some heavy metals in my body….then how will I get rid of them?”

Answer:From the results of your TARGETED NUTRITIONAL ANALYSIS, and your health history & pertinent health information, we use the highest quality nutritional formulas (both capsules & liquids) to get the results you want. Knowing what’s needed to detoxify your body… we can help restore good health & proper functioning to your glands & organs. Many times our nutritional approach will help problems that conventional medicine wasn’t able to help at all. (Ask us for our “SUCCESS STORIES” booklet) We also offer several specific detoxification methods in our Sarasota center, for people who need to start feeling better even faster. Every week we meet health-conscious people from all over the USA & Canada, who visit us to enjoy a healing and educational visit to our center. A relaxing, spa-like setting allows healing to happen in a friendly, comfortable environment.

Question:“I’m ready to get started; I want to feel good again– what will the testing cost & what’s included?”

Answer: A few of my colleagues who have witnessed my protocols, testing and program– told me I should be charging $1500-$2000 for suchextensive time and testing…..but I want to help you get answers at the lowest possible cost to you.

Your comprehensive TARGETED NUTRITIONAL ANALYSIS normally priced at $285*, includes:

Your mail-in test kit, with instructions & bottles for your samples, a questionnaire for your health history, the actual test for several hundred toxins, exact dosage recommendations for the supplements you need most, a detailed written Report of Findings in a folder with valuable health information, your scheduled telephone Report of Findings (or in person, if you prefer) at which time all findings of your test are explained to you.

You’ll be amazed at the new insights you’ll gain into stubborn health issues & feel new hope for becoming your healthiest. On-going telephone support is also part of what we do to make your path to success even easier as you reach your health goals.


*For a limited time– exclusively for our online HEALTH ALERT Readers only:

Your initial



Will be specially priced at $227, only available when you call us during April 2009—a savings of $58.00! Now you can find out what’s been keeping you from feeling your best, & take control of your symptoms & health in a way that’s not painful, invasive or difficult…….(in fact, it’s quite interesting & easy)


during the month of APRIL to get rid of toxins that could be hurting your health and making you feel tired, bloated, or suffering from headaches, sinus problems, insomnia or more.

Restore & renew yourself & finally feel good again! We can help. We love to talk about health; and with your permission, we’d love to brag on your success!

“Change Your Health & Change Your Life”

…and if you’re already feeling great—that’s wonderful!

So please pass this on to someone you know who still needs to


Just a reminder~~ this offer is good only during April 2009, so call now to get started feeling better & being healthier!


For more about alternative health visit:

Presented by: Dr. James H. Martin Nutrition Wellness Center Sarasota Florida

Health Alert
Presented by

Dr. James H. Martin

Nutrition Wellness Center Ph: (941)371-1991
4615 Bee Ridge Road Fax: (941)378-3188
Sarasota, FL 34233 Toll Free: (800)222-3610

What’s Slowing YOU Down?
“Revealing the Top 7 Ways to Kill Motivation”

Think back for a moment and remember a day when you felt so energized, so empowered that you knew you could tackle any task, handle any snag, and face any problem that came your way—you felt glad to be alive. Sometimes it’s a feeling of flexibility, creativity or resourcefulness that propels us toward a desired goal. These states of mind are an indication of good health….This is how we are supposed to feel!

A Reality Check on Motivation

For some people that ‘energized feeling’ is their constant state of being…and we’re thrilled for them…..but other people rarely feel so driven and motivated.

How valuable is motivation? What happens when we’re not at all motivated?
For some of us, without motivation, life can be more of a struggle than a joy to live. Have you ever left a project unfinished that needs your attention? Maybe you have household tasks that need your time? Hard to get started doing it? For others, its phone calls or errands that need to be handled, that just do not ever seem to get done. Is this an occasional issue or a life-long energy-deficit?

We believe you’re NOT lazy and NOT ‘crazy’

Millions of people suffer fatigue, apathy, lack of drive, mental ‘fogginess,’ or sometimes depression, anxiety or nervous tension that prevents them from doing all they hope to do. Some people seek out a quick fix from sugar, food, alcohol, or other sources of mood-enhancing substances. Others may have actually been prescribed anti-depressant drugs, having been labeled ‘depressed’ or suffering from ‘anxiety.’ We understand how feeling lousy and symptoms can get in your way.

A discovery TOO BIG to keep secret

Once people let go of the guilt they sometimes feel for not always being a “Superman,” or “Superwoman,” they can look realistically at the underlying causes for these roadblocks in the way of our motivation. Acknowledging the problem is the beginning of moving toward a solution. Just do not be fooled by those who will say, “It’s old age.” That’s an easy excuse that we find to be not the case at all, with most people.
Let’s look closer at the real reasons we slow down…….

ADRENAL EXHAUSTION—your small adrenal glands have a great big job. …Actually many jobs: balancing your pH (acid/alkaline balance), producing estrogen, producing anti-inflammatory substances, helping you cope with allergies and stings and bites, giving you pep and momentary super-human strength in times of emergencies. Residing in our toxic world, our adrenals are weakened from things such as too much sugar, coffee, lack of proper rest, emotional, mental and physical stress, as well as many types of germs and chemicals. When adrenal function is an issue, motivation is hard to find. If ignored for long enough—it becomes really tough to bounce back and feel energetic again.

THYROID/PITUITARY/HYPOTHALAMUS STRESS—You can have a ‘stressed’ or ‘overloaded’ gland from metals, chemicals, bacteria and other toxins, without having an actual disease….in fact, many people have endocrine glands that are not working nearly as well as they should. These glands (& others inside you) do their best to work in perfect harmony to control our energy, appetite, body temperature, and many more crucial body functions….but when loaded with ‘toxic sludge,’ they slow down our metabolism and we lose our ‘edge’ to get things done and be creative problem-solvers.


Years ago, scientists believed nothing could penetrate the barrier between the blood stream and the brain. New research shows even parasites can break through this gateway, causing havoc and tissue damage. Heavy metals such as copper, for example, are known to cause depression, the metal lead can cause lowered IQ and violent behavior. Every time a toxin interferes with delicate brain chemistry, your brain chemicals (called neurotransmitters) cannot function the way they were designed to work. One of these chemicals called dopamine, is a driving, warming brain chemical…….another called serotonin, is known for making us feel comfortable, cool, relaxed and happy. Many mood-managing drugs try to re-create the ideal ratios of these brain chemicals’ but often cause serious side-effects in the process…and do nothing to address the true causes of this imbalance.


Your body will often suppress the signs and symptoms of chronic problems, hiding them from plain view. Often, only when a problem become severe does the pain or ache (or rash or lump or tumor) appear. These ‘low-level infections’ can be slowly destroying your heart, your teeth, your brain, or any organ or gland in your body. Our immune systems are under constant threat of invasion from outside sources, as well as trying to eliminate current germs and other toxins to keep our cells clean and energized. When the body is super busy fighting infections and inflammation; it has little power left over to give us the ‘go-power’ we call motivation.


When we say ‘JUNK FOOD,” we mean any food that has been processed, grown, or treated in ways that make it more of a liability for your body than an asset. When you frequently ingest empty calories in the form of sodas, or packaged foods loaded with chemicals, you’re asking your body to perform miracles to break down and process out these foreign chemicals. If your liver could talk—what would it say about what you eat? Are you ‘nutritionally bankrupt’? Your body wants real food; and it has amazing power to use real food and pure vitamins, minerals and herbs to create health, and rebuild whatever needs attention. When your cells, glands and organs are getting what they need to function well……then your body runs like a well-oiled machine and your brain uses all it’s super-computer powers to give you that unstoppable force called………you guessed it!



Sometimes you might feel that you’d love to spend the day outside, or go for a walk in a park, away from the noise and busy-ness of your fast-paced life….you may feel you have too much to do—that you can’t justify time for yourself and your own needs….but when we ignore this urge to connect with nature, we’re shutting off a force that might be very healing for us. And when we neglect to nurture our desire for emotional or spiritual connections, again, we’re blocking pathways that we as humans need to feel whole, supported and fulfilled. Maybe it’s restful sleep you’re not getting? Without adequate rest; energy levels suffer. Listening to your body is crucial in fine-tuning your health.

YES! Make Time to Play

Even hobbies, sports, music, reading or other recreational activities can stimulate areas of the brain we may not be using in our day-to-day routines. A balanced brain has much more creative power to solve problems than a brain that’s ‘stuck in a rut’.


Are drugs ever necessary? Yes, we believe there are times when chemical formulas are needed to restore or control a body system that has been neglected or is suffering a severe trauma. But far too often, drugs are used to cover-up symptoms and mask the body’s way of asking us to make a change. Sometimes problems worsen from drugs, while the underlying cause of the problem goes unrevealed and unaided. Additionally, the toxic dyes and fillers in medicines are offenders that add an even heavier burden on the body.

Side effects from prescription drugs have caused death and disability among millions of trusting patients. Drug interactions pose another set of problems, often ignored by medical doctors, especially prevalent in the elderly population. Many medicines interfere with the body systems that we need to give us the focus and clarity needed to tackle complex problems. How well would your computer work if you spilled soda on it? Do this for several days—and I’m guessing you might need a new computer. Your brain is a super-computer that doesn’t perform well with interference from unnecessary drugs and medicines. This means you can’t expect great performance from a machine you’re abusing…..again, what suffers? YOUR VITALITY & DRIVE!
Are there other roadblocks to feeling motivated? Yes, we’re sure there are….Maybe you’ve thought of some of your own you’d like to add to our list. Feel free to share them with us.

The Bottom Line

You may have guessed what the bottom line is……If you came to the conclusion that yes, you have a choice……you’re right! You can choose to go through life feeling half-alive, frequently tired or stressed, lacking in motivation and enthusiasm for living…….or you can take action now and find out if your problem could be due to toxins that you didn’t intend to keep …that may be the roadblock to your feeling wonderful.

Imagine feeling really inspired, truly ready to handle the demands on your time and your life. We will do everything in our power to help you capture that feeling you deserve to have as yours. Motivation doesn’t have to be just a dream of what once was…..many people have been able to easily ‘re-charge’ and ‘re-new’ and now live life with enthusiasm and a smile. Pick up your phone and call NUTRITION WELLNESS CENTER and tell us about yourself.

Wishing you shining health and motivation always,

Dr. Martin

P.S. I read this neat quote and thought you might like it, too:

“Life is a big canvas—throw all the paint you can on it!”

-Danny Kaye

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Presented by: Dr. James H. Martin Nutrition Wellness Center Sarasota Florida

An Urgent Letter for all of you that would like to see more NATURAL HEALTH CARE and HEALTH FREEDOM in our Country:

Our United States Constitution states that every American has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If our constitution is what this country still stands for, then these rights should apply to your rights and freedoms to be healthy. There is no joy when you or your loved ones are sick with a chronic disabling health problem such as cancer, heart disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and many more health problems which are on the rise. You probably know someone with one of these illnesses, or maybe even several people. It’s becoming commonplace to have immediate family members suffering with these afflictions. The burden of having an illness such as this, or an ill family member can be devastating. Hopes and dreams for the future get shattered due to attention consumed by health issues. Something has gone terribly wrong…..

And it’s not your fault!

We are flooded with commercials on television to use various drugs to treat a multitude of illnesses. You may be overwhelmed with family responsibilities and work. Many people are worried about the economic crunch and have their lost jobs and homes. The constant threat of living in a toxic world is only occasionally mentioned on TV news or in the newspapers.

Very little information is being distributed to the public on protecting health, and the health of your family. Big Pharma (the drug companies) don’t want to address it because their agenda is to sell drugs to suppress symptoms. The big corporations that have mostly caused our toxic world don’t want to discuss it because they are at fault, and could risk fines, penalties, and loss of licensing for neglecting health risks in pursuit of profits.

Our government doesn’t want to face this issue because the pockets of our elected officials are lined with contributions from lobbyists who represent the drug companies, the chemical companies, the oil companies and similar interests.

So Who CAN Make a Difference?

Essentially it’s up to you and me to fend for ourselves and our families if good health is to be ours. Otherwise the odds are we’ll become just another statistic among the long lists of illness and diseases sufferers. At this moment, 1 out of every 2 men will get cancer, and 1 out of every 3 women will get cancer. The odds of suffering a heart attack are 1 out of 2! And if that’s not enough……the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States is conventional medicine.

Why am I so angry?

The suppression of factual information on the powerful natural solutions for better health is a deliberate intentional cover-up! Medical journals will not publish the vast amount of research proving how well nutritional therapies work…….because of their alliances with drug companies. MD’s are afraid to prescribe nutritional supplements due to lack of knowledge and peer-pressure within the medical community to prescribe drug therapy only.

What does this mean for you? Safer options for healing stay hidden from the masses and only those of you who purposely seek smarter alternatives to better health can actually find the products, practitioners and services you need to protect your health. More and more is being done to suppress natural healthy solutions by our government and drug companies.

Imagine Feeling Great….. Naturally!

What if you could feel energetic, strong, clear, and calm and focused every day? Imagine your entire extended family all feeling great, free of pain and symptoms, without complaints about their health or stories of frustrations with doctors and hospitals. Family gatherings would be more fun-filled and joyful. Children could spend more quality time with their older relatives. Life would hold more promise for brighter days ahead, with plans and dreams being easier to become your reality.

Imagine if our government encouraged people to seek out non-drug solutions for their health problems….and suggested drugs and surgery only as a last resort. What if you could count on fast food restaurants to serve safe chemical-free food, without MSG, toxic additives and unhealthy fats?

Think how safe you would feel knowing whatever store, office, school or home you entered had not been sprayed recently with pesticides….because they were illegal for use in public places, in the same way cigarette smoking in public buildings was banned.

Think for a moment how you’d feel if most of the food in your local grocery was organic, fresh food, and priced lower than the chemically-treated toxin-loaded fruits and vegetables…this could be the case if our government supported organic farmers they way they subsidize farms that use chemicals.

Visualize a world where people say, “No way!” to genetically-modified food (as they’ve done in many European countries) and “No way!” to farm animals being overloaded with growth hormones and antibiotics……Cleaner food, cleaner bodies, cleaner cities, states and countries.

We can create a healthier population, vibrant and focused on smart choices for feeling great and staying well. Every time you make a purchase, remember to consciously ask yourself if it’s helping you move toward health or away from health and a sustainable planet………by becoming more aware of the day-to-day choices we make, it’s easier to choose wellness and support the companies who provide us with what we need to stay safe, as you make wellness a priority.

Think of how much more time you’d have for enjoyment if time lost due to illness was minimized. Very few people who suffer with a health crisis actually planned to be ill….that’s why it’s crucial to focus on feeling well and taking care of your body’s imbalances before it’s too late. Ask anyone who’s been hospitalized–being well is much more fun than being sick. Good health offers you many more freedoms than living your life around symptoms of pain, disease, or limitations. We hope you will always enjoy freedom from pain and disease; and we want to help preserve and restore the health freedoms guaranteed to all of us in our constitution
YOUR Actions CAN make a difference.

Mike Adams of NaturalNews has a new health freedom petition, so go to the link below and help make a difference in your future and your children’s or grandchilden’s future by signing the petition that will go to congress to make a difference. Be a part of changing the existing outdated system and help bring in a brighter healthy future for all.
Click on the link below and help make a difference.
Hit the Refresh button in your browser if page does not load.

Thank you and God bless.

Dr. James Martin

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Presented by: Dr. James H. Martin Nutrition Wellness Center Sarasota Florida

Health Alert
Presented by

Dr. James H. Martin

Nutrition Wellness Center Ph: (941)371-1991
4615 Bee Ridge Road Fax: (941)378-3188
Sarasota, FL 34233 Toll Free: (800)222-3610

The #1 Myth about Detoxification

As I sit at my desk reading online articles about natural health, I see more and more advertisements for products and services claiming to detox your body. As a specialist in alternative health, an educator and an author on detoxification, I feel compelled to clear up a commonly misunderstood concept.

What IS a detox? What IS NOT a detox?

When you read about colon cleansing for detoxifying, (also called colon therapy or colonics) you might get the impression that having this invasive procedure performed will ‘magically’ leave your insides ‘clean as a whistle.’ Here’s the facts……colon therapy can, in fact, help to clean out the lower bowel of debris and waste. But unfortunately, colon therapy does NOT help you remove toxins harbored throughout the body that have settled in your brain, your eyes, your liver, and other vital organs. It is these widespread toxins that build up, causing malfunction and dis-ease.

So ~ Where DO The Toxins Hide?

Your brain, in fact, is a sponge for toxins, since many poisons settle in fat, and your brain is made up mostly of healthy fat. As toxins are removed, using a targeted nutritional approach, as we use at NUTRITION WELLNESS CENTER, symptoms such as ‘brain-fog’ disappear, memory improves, and even long-standing issues of mood swings, anxiety and depression improve or go away altogether.

When your eyes harbor hidden toxins, you may see ‘floaters,’ or have vision loss, year by year, slowly worsening as time goes on. Even macular degeneration, a devastating disorder leading to blindness has been associated with toxins and inadequate nutrients reaching the cells of the eyes.

The Fact of the Matter

Just as flushing your car’s radiator would not benefit your car’s engine, or transmission, a colon cleanse only addresses toxins within the lower bowel. Getting toxins out of ALL your cells, tissues, organs and glands is crucial to feeling good for months and years to come.
Get Toxic Sludge Out of Your Body & Out of Your Way!

Creating the ideal environment for healing to happen is our specialty at NUTRITION WELLNESS CENTER. Just as you would nurture a garden, giving it proper sunlight, healthy soil, clean water and the best fertilizer possible……we know YOU will feel your best and thrive when you feed your cells the best possible nutrients to nourish your body and get toxins out of your way. Identifying which toxins are present, then designing an individual plan to get the poisons out of you is how we help you to feel better…often times, even before we re-test, people already report great changes in the way they feel, how their skin or eyes look, or their new power to think more clearly. Don’t let toxins cause you to age faster than you should….with the scientific proof that toxins = dis-ease, you have the power to take more control of your health and your future….more power than ever before in history!

Spring Cleaning From Inside Out?

As you plan your days and weeks ahead, you may include routine cleaning in your schedule, since it’s a necessary part of life. Many of you spend time cleaning your homes, your offices, your closets, your e-mail inboxes, your purse, and of course your skin, nails and hair……We hope you’ll give that same sincere attention to cleaning and detoxifying the inside parts of you that help you stay healthy and energized.

Until we test you, we won’t try to guess which poisons may be causing you to feel less than your best…..for some people it’s pesticides, others are plagued with heavy metals such as arsenic and lead….environmental chemicals from plastics, cleaning products and preservatives also are revealed in our testing, and hundreds of more poisons that invade us in everyday life stop people from feeling their best.

Let us help you “Spring Clean” your brain and other vital organs, to safeguard your health. Get clean and stay sharp……and value good health—it’s your most valuable asset!

For more information on toxins visit:

To Your Health,

Dr. Martin

Presented by: Dr. James H. Martin Nutrition Wellness Center Sarasota Florida

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