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Dr. Martin – I LOVED your presentation – I LOVED the technical scientific information! More, More, More! I want to know how the body works. I love the specifics. It wasn’t over my head at all. Even though I didn’t know what these particular hormones were by name, you described them well enough that I knew what they were for and what happens in the body when they are not produced correctly. It all made perfect sense to me. I really appreciated the scientific background you gave. Great job!!! I can’t wait to read your book.

Thank you so much!

Excellent!! I loved all the information! I now have a decent understanding of how toxins affect the body. Kudos to you all!


Presented by: Dr. James H. Martin Nutrition Wellness Center Sarasota Florida



Early this morning I sat at my desk as I usually do, to assess the demands of the day and to plan exactly what needs to be done, for whom, how and when. As I turned on my laptop and began to read my email messages, I got a great surprise….Many of you who took part in last night’s Teleseminar (“How Toxins Are Destroying Your Health”) took the time to send me your positive feedback. We are so grateful to know you appreciate learning more about the fascinating inner workings of the body. The new information we presented truly DOES offer answers to many of the toughest health challenges people face.
The fact that you seek knowledge and answers tells us you’re serious about wellness, and that you don’t take your health for granted. Since our goal is to raise awareness of how to be healthier using natural methods, it validates our efforts to know you’re also taking action to create your ideal way of living and being.
We know everything is easier and more fun when you feel well, really alive and clear. We take pride in knowing you value cutting-edge health information…..and we can see you’re sharing information with others because new people are calling us everyday, seeking help with their health problems….and our list of email addresses keeps growing, as more people sign up for our HEALTH ALERTS.
Every time you talk about our work with someone you care about, you’re helping healing happen…It may seem to be a small gesture at the time, but you know knowledge + action = power. And when you help someone to create the power to be well and be strong—you’re helping them along their path to achieve their dreams and goals.
Sincere thanks for making this TELESEMINAR part of your evening last night….Your thirst for knowledge makes me sincerely proud to be a part of the progressive mindset you each display. You made my day!

Dr. Martin

Please continue to forward our HEALTH ALERTS to others you know, so they, too, will learn more about becoming healthier in our toxic world….and when you receive a notice about our next TELESEMINAR presentation—invite someone else to listen–it’s a great way to show them you care about how they feel.


Presented by: Dr. James H. Martin Nutrition Wellness Center Sarasota Florida