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The #1 Myth about Detoxification

As I sit at my desk reading online articles about natural health, I see more and more advertisements for products and services claiming to detox your body. As a specialist in alternative health, an educator and an author on detoxification, I feel compelled to clear up a commonly misunderstood concept.

What IS a detox? What IS NOT a detox?

When you read about colon cleansing for detoxifying, (also called colon therapy or colonics) you might get the impression that having this invasive procedure performed will ‘magically’ leave your insides ‘clean as a whistle.’ Here’s the facts……colon therapy can, in fact, help to clean out the lower bowel of debris and waste. But unfortunately, colon therapy does NOT help you remove toxins harbored throughout the body that have settled in your brain, your eyes, your liver, and other vital organs. It is these widespread toxins that build up, causing malfunction and dis-ease.

So ~ Where DO The Toxins Hide?

Your brain, in fact, is a sponge for toxins, since many poisons settle in fat, and your brain is made up mostly of healthy fat. As toxins are removed, using a targeted nutritional approach, as we use at NUTRITION WELLNESS CENTER, symptoms such as ‘brain-fog’ disappear, memory improves, and even long-standing issues of mood swings, anxiety and depression improve or go away altogether.

When your eyes harbor hidden toxins, you may see ‘floaters,’ or have vision loss, year by year, slowly worsening as time goes on. Even macular degeneration, a devastating disorder leading to blindness has been associated with toxins and inadequate nutrients reaching the cells of the eyes.

The Fact of the Matter

Just as flushing your car’s radiator would not benefit your car’s engine, or transmission, a colon cleanse only addresses toxins within the lower bowel. Getting toxins out of ALL your cells, tissues, organs and glands is crucial to feeling good for months and years to come.
Get Toxic Sludge Out of Your Body & Out of Your Way!

Creating the ideal environment for healing to happen is our specialty at NUTRITION WELLNESS CENTER. Just as you would nurture a garden, giving it proper sunlight, healthy soil, clean water and the best fertilizer possible……we know YOU will feel your best and thrive when you feed your cells the best possible nutrients to nourish your body and get toxins out of your way. Identifying which toxins are present, then designing an individual plan to get the poisons out of you is how we help you to feel better…often times, even before we re-test, people already report great changes in the way they feel, how their skin or eyes look, or their new power to think more clearly. Don’t let toxins cause you to age faster than you should….with the scientific proof that toxins = dis-ease, you have the power to take more control of your health and your future….more power than ever before in history!

Spring Cleaning From Inside Out?

As you plan your days and weeks ahead, you may include routine cleaning in your schedule, since it’s a necessary part of life. Many of you spend time cleaning your homes, your offices, your closets, your e-mail inboxes, your purse, and of course your skin, nails and hair……We hope you’ll give that same sincere attention to cleaning and detoxifying the inside parts of you that help you stay healthy and energized.

Until we test you, we won’t try to guess which poisons may be causing you to feel less than your best…..for some people it’s pesticides, others are plagued with heavy metals such as arsenic and lead….environmental chemicals from plastics, cleaning products and preservatives also are revealed in our testing, and hundreds of more poisons that invade us in everyday life stop people from feeling their best.

Let us help you “Spring Clean” your brain and other vital organs, to safeguard your health. Get clean and stay sharp……and value good health—it’s your most valuable asset!

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