An Urgent Letter for all of you that would like to see more NATURAL HEALTH CARE and HEALTH FREEDOM in our Country:

Our United States Constitution states that every American has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If our constitution is what this country still stands for, then these rights should apply to your rights and freedoms to be healthy. There is no joy when you or your loved ones are sick with a chronic disabling health problem such as cancer, heart disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and many more health problems which are on the rise. You probably know someone with one of these illnesses, or maybe even several people. It’s becoming commonplace to have immediate family members suffering with these afflictions. The burden of having an illness such as this, or an ill family member can be devastating. Hopes and dreams for the future get shattered due to attention consumed by health issues. Something has gone terribly wrong…..

And it’s not your fault!

We are flooded with commercials on television to use various drugs to treat a multitude of illnesses. You may be overwhelmed with family responsibilities and work. Many people are worried about the economic crunch and have their lost jobs and homes. The constant threat of living in a toxic world is only occasionally mentioned on TV news or in the newspapers.

Very little information is being distributed to the public on protecting health, and the health of your family. Big Pharma (the drug companies) don’t want to address it because their agenda is to sell drugs to suppress symptoms. The big corporations that have mostly caused our toxic world don’t want to discuss it because they are at fault, and could risk fines, penalties, and loss of licensing for neglecting health risks in pursuit of profits.

Our government doesn’t want to face this issue because the pockets of our elected officials are lined with contributions from lobbyists who represent the drug companies, the chemical companies, the oil companies and similar interests.

So Who CAN Make a Difference?

Essentially it’s up to you and me to fend for ourselves and our families if good health is to be ours. Otherwise the odds are we’ll become just another statistic among the long lists of illness and diseases sufferers. At this moment, 1 out of every 2 men will get cancer, and 1 out of every 3 women will get cancer. The odds of suffering a heart attack are 1 out of 2! And if that’s not enough……the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States is conventional medicine.

Why am I so angry?

The suppression of factual information on the powerful natural solutions for better health is a deliberate intentional cover-up! Medical journals will not publish the vast amount of research proving how well nutritional therapies work…….because of their alliances with drug companies. MD’s are afraid to prescribe nutritional supplements due to lack of knowledge and peer-pressure within the medical community to prescribe drug therapy only.

What does this mean for you? Safer options for healing stay hidden from the masses and only those of you who purposely seek smarter alternatives to better health can actually find the products, practitioners and services you need to protect your health. More and more is being done to suppress natural healthy solutions by our government and drug companies.

Imagine Feeling Great….. Naturally!

What if you could feel energetic, strong, clear, and calm and focused every day? Imagine your entire extended family all feeling great, free of pain and symptoms, without complaints about their health or stories of frustrations with doctors and hospitals. Family gatherings would be more fun-filled and joyful. Children could spend more quality time with their older relatives. Life would hold more promise for brighter days ahead, with plans and dreams being easier to become your reality.

Imagine if our government encouraged people to seek out non-drug solutions for their health problems….and suggested drugs and surgery only as a last resort. What if you could count on fast food restaurants to serve safe chemical-free food, without MSG, toxic additives and unhealthy fats?

Think how safe you would feel knowing whatever store, office, school or home you entered had not been sprayed recently with pesticides….because they were illegal for use in public places, in the same way cigarette smoking in public buildings was banned.

Think for a moment how you’d feel if most of the food in your local grocery was organic, fresh food, and priced lower than the chemically-treated toxin-loaded fruits and vegetables…this could be the case if our government supported organic farmers they way they subsidize farms that use chemicals.

Visualize a world where people say, “No way!” to genetically-modified food (as they’ve done in many European countries) and “No way!” to farm animals being overloaded with growth hormones and antibiotics……Cleaner food, cleaner bodies, cleaner cities, states and countries.

We can create a healthier population, vibrant and focused on smart choices for feeling great and staying well. Every time you make a purchase, remember to consciously ask yourself if it’s helping you move toward health or away from health and a sustainable planet………by becoming more aware of the day-to-day choices we make, it’s easier to choose wellness and support the companies who provide us with what we need to stay safe, as you make wellness a priority.

Think of how much more time you’d have for enjoyment if time lost due to illness was minimized. Very few people who suffer with a health crisis actually planned to be ill….that’s why it’s crucial to focus on feeling well and taking care of your body’s imbalances before it’s too late. Ask anyone who’s been hospitalized–being well is much more fun than being sick. Good health offers you many more freedoms than living your life around symptoms of pain, disease, or limitations. We hope you will always enjoy freedom from pain and disease; and we want to help preserve and restore the health freedoms guaranteed to all of us in our constitution
YOUR Actions CAN make a difference.

Mike Adams of NaturalNews has a new health freedom petition, so go to the link below and help make a difference in your future and your children’s or grandchilden’s future by signing the petition that will go to congress to make a difference. Be a part of changing the existing outdated system and help bring in a brighter healthy future for all.
Click on the link below and help make a difference.
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Thank you and God bless.

Dr. James Martin

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