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Allergy: an excessive or hypersensitive response of the immune system.

-Encyclopedia of Science

Since so many of you have asked these same or similar questions about allergies, here’s a few insights that have helped guide others to finally end their misery and suffering.

Q1. Are allergies really that big of a problem?

A. 1 in 4 people suffer from allergies, according to The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. Affecting more than 50 million Americans, 4.5 billion dollars is spent yearly on allergy treatment. An estimated 3.4 billion in lost work productivity…. And chronic sinusitis affects 37 million Americans. Isn’t it time to take this seriously?

Q2. Other than a runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, and sinus congestion, how else do allergies affect people?

A. Your body’s response to an ‘invader’ can cause an immune response that may also show up as:



Joint or muscle pain

Heart palpitations

Dark circles under eyes

Skin rash


Stomach / abdominal pain






Mood swings

Q3. Isn’t pollen the main reason for allergies?

A. Although pollen allergies cause suffering for 3.5 million Americans, another 12 million people have food allergies, 10 million suffer with cat allergies, and 2 million people suffer severe reactions to insect bites and stings. Many people also suffer from allergies to molds and household toxins, and toxins in the workplace and in their vehicles.

Q4. I take over-the-counter drugs like Benadryl when I get allergies symptoms. Isn’t that all right?

A. If a life-threatening allergic reaction has occurred, immediate medical attention is necessary. But using drugs like Benadryl for symptom relief for chronic allergies is only ‘band-aiding’ the problem. These drugs are not without side effects, drowsiness being a major complaint. A new study has recently found antihistamines to cause weight gain; because of the way they interfere with an appetite-control enzyme.

Q5. I don’t see any visible mold in my house; but I’ve heard my allergy symptoms could be caused by mold or yeast?

The Hidden Causes That Keep You Suffering

Hidden mold growth hurts many people. It grows on drywall, in books, on papers, in carpet, behind wallpaper, in closets, in air ducts, any damp areas and in many foods. The major source for mold in food is found in nuts, (especially peanuts, peanut butter) seeds, and grains. This includes cereal, bread, crackers, pasta, and corn products. Grain-fed animals can also be sources of moldy food.

Your Allergies May Get Worse Without This


Q6. Will a home air-purifier fix my allergies?

A. The problem of allergies is actually one of improper immune response, and often weak adrenal glands, with a state of chronic inflammation, too. While we do help guide you to clean up your home of chemical and airborne irritants, getting your body back on track is crucial for a long-term solution to ending your allergies.

Q7. Is it true the higher the humidity, the worse the mold will be and the more allergy symptoms I’ll have?

A. It has been reported that most mold growth will not occur in humidity levels under 65%. Indoor humidity levels are measured with a hygrometer. For air conditioning filters, choose one with a rating of “MERV 11,” for maximum mold spore filtration. Sometimes a dehumidifier is also necessary to control indoor mold. By handling your body’s response to mold exposure, through our nutritional program, can make you much less vulnerable to mold.

Q8. Can hidden food allergies affect my moods?

A. Absolutely. Hidden food allergies or sensitivities can trigger mood swings, fatigue, depression, anxiety and disorientation. A starting point to eliminate some possible food sensitivities is to request your free copy of the Blood Type Food Guide, from Nutrition Wellness Center.

Q9. What else (besides taking drugs) can I do for my allergies?

A. We highly recommend you have a Targeted Nutritional Analysis from NUTRITION WELLNESS CENTER. Here’s how: Using a sample of your saliva and urine, (and your health history and profile) we access the ‘stress level’ of your adrenal glands. From this you learn what roadblocks you may have to overcoming allergies. Once we determine the causes, then we work with you to eliminate them. We provide you with precise selected nutritional products to clean and strengthen your adrenal glands; we address your inflammation, so your suffering begins to stop. An interesting benefit to women is that menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes are often minimized, too, as the adrenals strengthen.

We offer many more ways to speed up the process of stopping allergies and feeling better faster here at NUTRITION WELLNESS CENTER…..but in this HEALTH ALERT I wanted to share with you this one huge reality…

You CAN be free from allergies; you do not have to suffer the lifelong misery and embarrassment that you’ve been through for too long.


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