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What’s Slowing YOU Down?
“Revealing the Top 7 Ways to Kill Motivation”

Think back for a moment and remember a day when you felt so energized, so empowered that you knew you could tackle any task, handle any snag, and face any problem that came your way—you felt glad to be alive. Sometimes it’s a feeling of flexibility, creativity or resourcefulness that propels us toward a desired goal. These states of mind are an indication of good health….This is how we are supposed to feel!

A Reality Check on Motivation

For some people that ‘energized feeling’ is their constant state of being…and we’re thrilled for them…..but other people rarely feel so driven and motivated.

How valuable is motivation? What happens when we’re not at all motivated?
For some of us, without motivation, life can be more of a struggle than a joy to live. Have you ever left a project unfinished that needs your attention? Maybe you have household tasks that need your time? Hard to get started doing it? For others, its phone calls or errands that need to be handled, that just do not ever seem to get done. Is this an occasional issue or a life-long energy-deficit?

We believe you’re NOT lazy and NOT ‘crazy’

Millions of people suffer fatigue, apathy, lack of drive, mental ‘fogginess,’ or sometimes depression, anxiety or nervous tension that prevents them from doing all they hope to do. Some people seek out a quick fix from sugar, food, alcohol, or other sources of mood-enhancing substances. Others may have actually been prescribed anti-depressant drugs, having been labeled ‘depressed’ or suffering from ‘anxiety.’ We understand how feeling lousy and symptoms can get in your way.

A discovery TOO BIG to keep secret

Once people let go of the guilt they sometimes feel for not always being a “Superman,” or “Superwoman,” they can look realistically at the underlying causes for these roadblocks in the way of our motivation. Acknowledging the problem is the beginning of moving toward a solution. Just do not be fooled by those who will say, “It’s old age.” That’s an easy excuse that we find to be not the case at all, with most people.
Let’s look closer at the real reasons we slow down…….

ADRENAL EXHAUSTION—your small adrenal glands have a great big job. …Actually many jobs: balancing your pH (acid/alkaline balance), producing estrogen, producing anti-inflammatory substances, helping you cope with allergies and stings and bites, giving you pep and momentary super-human strength in times of emergencies. Residing in our toxic world, our adrenals are weakened from things such as too much sugar, coffee, lack of proper rest, emotional, mental and physical stress, as well as many types of germs and chemicals. When adrenal function is an issue, motivation is hard to find. If ignored for long enough—it becomes really tough to bounce back and feel energetic again.

THYROID/PITUITARY/HYPOTHALAMUS STRESS—You can have a ‘stressed’ or ‘overloaded’ gland from metals, chemicals, bacteria and other toxins, without having an actual disease….in fact, many people have endocrine glands that are not working nearly as well as they should. These glands (& others inside you) do their best to work in perfect harmony to control our energy, appetite, body temperature, and many more crucial body functions….but when loaded with ‘toxic sludge,’ they slow down our metabolism and we lose our ‘edge’ to get things done and be creative problem-solvers.


Years ago, scientists believed nothing could penetrate the barrier between the blood stream and the brain. New research shows even parasites can break through this gateway, causing havoc and tissue damage. Heavy metals such as copper, for example, are known to cause depression, the metal lead can cause lowered IQ and violent behavior. Every time a toxin interferes with delicate brain chemistry, your brain chemicals (called neurotransmitters) cannot function the way they were designed to work. One of these chemicals called dopamine, is a driving, warming brain chemical…….another called serotonin, is known for making us feel comfortable, cool, relaxed and happy. Many mood-managing drugs try to re-create the ideal ratios of these brain chemicals’ but often cause serious side-effects in the process…and do nothing to address the true causes of this imbalance.


Your body will often suppress the signs and symptoms of chronic problems, hiding them from plain view. Often, only when a problem become severe does the pain or ache (or rash or lump or tumor) appear. These ‘low-level infections’ can be slowly destroying your heart, your teeth, your brain, or any organ or gland in your body. Our immune systems are under constant threat of invasion from outside sources, as well as trying to eliminate current germs and other toxins to keep our cells clean and energized. When the body is super busy fighting infections and inflammation; it has little power left over to give us the ‘go-power’ we call motivation.


When we say ‘JUNK FOOD,” we mean any food that has been processed, grown, or treated in ways that make it more of a liability for your body than an asset. When you frequently ingest empty calories in the form of sodas, or packaged foods loaded with chemicals, you’re asking your body to perform miracles to break down and process out these foreign chemicals. If your liver could talk—what would it say about what you eat? Are you ‘nutritionally bankrupt’? Your body wants real food; and it has amazing power to use real food and pure vitamins, minerals and herbs to create health, and rebuild whatever needs attention. When your cells, glands and organs are getting what they need to function well……then your body runs like a well-oiled machine and your brain uses all it’s super-computer powers to give you that unstoppable force called………you guessed it!



Sometimes you might feel that you’d love to spend the day outside, or go for a walk in a park, away from the noise and busy-ness of your fast-paced life….you may feel you have too much to do—that you can’t justify time for yourself and your own needs….but when we ignore this urge to connect with nature, we’re shutting off a force that might be very healing for us. And when we neglect to nurture our desire for emotional or spiritual connections, again, we’re blocking pathways that we as humans need to feel whole, supported and fulfilled. Maybe it’s restful sleep you’re not getting? Without adequate rest; energy levels suffer. Listening to your body is crucial in fine-tuning your health.

YES! Make Time to Play

Even hobbies, sports, music, reading or other recreational activities can stimulate areas of the brain we may not be using in our day-to-day routines. A balanced brain has much more creative power to solve problems than a brain that’s ‘stuck in a rut’.


Are drugs ever necessary? Yes, we believe there are times when chemical formulas are needed to restore or control a body system that has been neglected or is suffering a severe trauma. But far too often, drugs are used to cover-up symptoms and mask the body’s way of asking us to make a change. Sometimes problems worsen from drugs, while the underlying cause of the problem goes unrevealed and unaided. Additionally, the toxic dyes and fillers in medicines are offenders that add an even heavier burden on the body.

Side effects from prescription drugs have caused death and disability among millions of trusting patients. Drug interactions pose another set of problems, often ignored by medical doctors, especially prevalent in the elderly population. Many medicines interfere with the body systems that we need to give us the focus and clarity needed to tackle complex problems. How well would your computer work if you spilled soda on it? Do this for several days—and I’m guessing you might need a new computer. Your brain is a super-computer that doesn’t perform well with interference from unnecessary drugs and medicines. This means you can’t expect great performance from a machine you’re abusing…..again, what suffers? YOUR VITALITY & DRIVE!
Are there other roadblocks to feeling motivated? Yes, we’re sure there are….Maybe you’ve thought of some of your own you’d like to add to our list. Feel free to share them with us.

The Bottom Line

You may have guessed what the bottom line is……If you came to the conclusion that yes, you have a choice……you’re right! You can choose to go through life feeling half-alive, frequently tired or stressed, lacking in motivation and enthusiasm for living…….or you can take action now and find out if your problem could be due to toxins that you didn’t intend to keep …that may be the roadblock to your feeling wonderful.

Imagine feeling really inspired, truly ready to handle the demands on your time and your life. We will do everything in our power to help you capture that feeling you deserve to have as yours. Motivation doesn’t have to be just a dream of what once was…..many people have been able to easily ‘re-charge’ and ‘re-new’ and now live life with enthusiasm and a smile. Pick up your phone and call NUTRITION WELLNESS CENTER and tell us about yourself.

Wishing you shining health and motivation always,

Dr. Martin

P.S. I read this neat quote and thought you might like it, too:

“Life is a big canvas—throw all the paint you can on it!”

-Danny Kaye

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