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Is the Legal Poisoning of Your Water Slowing You Down?

EPA Allows Thyroid Toxin in Water & Infant Formula

Rocket Fuel?!?

Yes, also known as ammonium perchlorate, this is the key ingredient in military explosives, bottle rockets, fireworks, highway flares and automobile airbags. It’s the chemical that enables the space shuttle to penetrate the earth’s atmosphere and the propellant for ballistic missiles that can be launched across the globe. It’s been disposed of improperly and this negligence has created a widespread health threat.

It’s in Our Water?

Found in drinking water in 28 states, the CDC reports it’s also found in 15 brands of infant formula, cow’s milk and breast milk.

Even More Frightening…

“CDC studies have found perchlorate in the urine of every person tested and have discovered that children between 6 and 11 had perchlorate levels 1.6 times higher than adults.” A 2006 CDC survey of 1,100 women indicated that perchlorate exposure may have caused decreases in critical thyroid hormone levels.

“Should rocket fuel be on baby’s menu? We don’t think so.”

Their report continues with “A new report by scientists at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found perchlorate in 15 brands of infant formula. The CDC team warned that mixing perchlorate with tap water containing “even minimal amounts” of the chemical could boost the resulting mixture’s toxin content above the “safe” level set by the EPA. Perchlorate pollution has also been found in the drinking water in 28 states and territories.

“Contaminant Candidate List”

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has included perchlorate on the “Contaminate Candidate List,” and considers it to be a probable human carcinogen.


Contact EPA Head to Take Action

During her Senate confirmation hearing, EPA head Lisa Jackson promised to act “immediately” to reduce perchlorate contamination in drinking water to protect children and pregnant women. We urge you to contact Ms. Jackson to urge her to make good on her pledge. She can be reached at:

Lisa Jackson, EPA Administrator

By email: jackson.lisa@epa.gov

By phone: 202-564-4700

By mail: USEPA Headquarters

Ariel Rios Bldg.

1200 Pennsylvania Ave, NW

Mail code: 1101-A

Washington, DC 20460


How would you know if Perchlorate (rocket fuel) is Hurting Your Health?

Many people, who feel tired, fatigued, or gain weight easily have gone to their MD’s and had blood work, that’s supposed to measure thyroid gland function. Often times, the blood test results will be “within normal limits,” yet a thyroid problem can still be present. The patient is told “there’s nothing clinically wrong,” even though their symptoms say something’s not working right.

If a sluggish thyroid problem goes undetected, it can also cause hair loss, brittle nails, brain fog, heart problems, even a higher rate of dental cavities. It’s important to know if your thyroid and hidden toxins are slowing you down.

You may already have all the energy you need and perhaps excess weight is never a problem for you.

But now you can find out for certain if nutritional imbalances or toxic stresses are getting in your way. Environmental chemicals in our water, air, food and homes can be quite sneaky in how they cause symptoms and damage to our bodies. Toxins may show up as allergies, skin problems, memory problems, insomnia, indigestion, vision changes, and headaches and in many other ways.

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It’s September 4th and I’m on board a crowded airplane on my way to a wedding in Boston. My wife loves weddings; and I’ll admit they do give me a sense of renewed hope and faith, especially when the couple seems well-suited for each other and ready for the responsibilities of marriage. We’re happy and excited–anticipating this special event in the lives of dear friends.
Flying at 30,000 feet, passengers settle in, browsing magazines, newspapers, books and ordering drinks. We’re all thankful the flight is underway; but then I notice a strange noxious oily chemical odor inside the airplane. I look around to see if others are noticing it. Passengers exchange concerned glances; I ask my wife if she sees any smoke coming from anywhere. I wonder if there’s a leak somewhere. I feel nervous not knowing what these strange fumes are that we’re being forced to breathe.
Seated in my aisle seat, I ask the flight attendant if there is a mechanical problem, because of the fumes I smell. She assures me the “occasional engine odors are of no major concern,” and says not to worry. I feel as if that was what she’d been told to say, by someone higher up the command chain, since it sounded rehearsed like she’d said it many times before to other concerned flyers. The smell became worse; I felt my muscles tighten with tension….I could actually ‘taste’ the chemicals I was inhaling.
Then I had an “aha moment” as I recalled a report I’d read recently on “aerotoxins,” revealing the analysis of cabin air on passenger flights.
Possible on any flight, at anytime, the passengers, pilots, and flight crews are subject to specific airborne poisons. We’re all aware that germs that breed and spread in the recirculated cabin air; and some of you may have even had physical symptoms after you flew somewhere. Those post-flight symptoms—we realize now—may have been from aerotoxins, rather than germs.


The study explained that due to a fundamental design flaw in the majority of airplanes, cabin air is taken in from air that’s used to cool the plane’s engines. So, this air is “subject to contamination from the engines, especially if the engine design is faulty, or if the engine seals have become worn.” Because jet engines run at such high temperatures, additives are put into the oil so they work better.


Added to oil is TRI-CRESOL PHOSPHATE, (TCP) which is an organophosphate chemical. Also in the mix are volatile organic compounds that arise from the burning of petrochemicals, likely to be benzene (a known carcinogen), phenolics, fire retardants, and heavy metals. Sometimes there are also carbon monoxide, sulphur and nitrogen compounds.


With hundreds of adverse health incidents already reported by pilots, a German television crew secretly investigated to sample actual cabin air from airplanes. In 28 out of 32 samples obtained, TCP was present and being inhaled by everyone aboard, as determined by the laboratory analysis conducted at the University of British Columbia, supervised by a leading toxicologist.


These additives are a great protocol for a jet engine, but very bad for living breathing human beings. You may have taken a flight somewhere and felt drowsy, or irritation of your airways and sinuses, either while flying or in the few days following. The study added, “..…other people have muscle aches, flu-like symptoms, headaches or nausea. Also reported have been rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, low-grade fever and difficulty thinking clearly.” Severity of symptoms varies according to how sensitive a person is to toxins, but people often assume their symptoms were caused from germs they inhaled from other passengers. We now know this may not be the cause as often as we may have thought. Some people suffer much worse than others. “Roughly 1/3 of the population of poor detoxifiers of organophosphates and these people will be the most severely affected. Symptoms may last for days or may trigger a long-term illness,” the study explained.

The medical analysts warned, “These chemicals are extremely toxic even in sub-lethal doses. Every bodily system can be adversely affected by toxic chemicals; therefore sufferers can have a multitude of symptoms.”


I am angry that the health and safety of pilots, flight crews, and passengers has been compromised by these poisons for decades. Continually causing pilots to feel drowsiness, lack of mental clarity, headaches and more is a serious cause for concern for the safety of everyone on board. Knowing that as passengers, we will all most likely be breathing some dangerous level of poisonous fumes as we ‘fly the friendly skies,’ is inexcusable. Numerous health issues may be caused by or aggravated by inhaling this polluted air inside airplanes. With many airlines now taking more and more steps to cut costs, passenger safety may suffer even further.


Since you make it a priority to stay well, I know the information in this HEALTH ALERT is important to you, that you’d want to learn the facts. Until now, this source of toxic chemicals had been overlooked by most people… but getting these poisons out of your brain and body is what you want to do to feel your best. Even if you’re not a ‘frequent flyer,’ you still may be suffering symptoms from exposures long ago. Imagine how many times you’ve inhaled engine fumes (of one type or another) over the course of a lifetime……you know now these fumes contain chemical poisons…the long-term build up of poisons is what ages us faster and causes breakdowns in health. At NUTRITION WELLNESS CENTER, we excel at helping you to detoxify poisons like these (and many others, as well). You’ll feel safer knowing you’re taking steps to stay healthier.


I’m thankful most flights aren’t an assault on health as was that September flight, and I was glad I remembered to pack extra supplements to help clear out toxins….the smell was horrible and I believe more than a few passengers suffered as a result of those toxic engine fumes. The unpleasant experience of inhaling chemical fumes that day made me remember a promise I made to myself long ago…to do all I can do to help others attain better health, using natural methods. With gratitude I live this promise, and I feel very fortunate to be able to share crucial health information such as this—with an enlightened group of readers.
Although I’ve not yet met each of you personally, I hope to one day be a part of your plan to keep well. Sharing knowledge is empowering….whenever I reveal knowledge that could save your health or reduce your suffering—I know you’ll take it to heart, taking action steps to protect yourself. You deserve to feel your best…and you deserve the best available guidance to survive and thrive in our toxic world. I’m sincerely honored to know so many of you count on NUTRITION WELLNESS CENTER to help you stay well.

Please forward this information on to others who you care about….and visit www.HowToxicAreYou.com for further reading on the topic of toxicity and health.

Be safe,

Dr. Martin

Presented by: Dr. James H. Martin Nutrition Wellness Center Sarasota Florida